My best Lagoon Tips

We just visited Lagoon for the second year in a row. I have a few tips.

1. Get the Discount passes from Deseret book.  ( You can by an item for 1.50 to get  $13.00 off the price)  Find Utah Locations Here 

2. Be prepared to spend $9.00 on Parking.  Yeah.  The way we figured it they make bank of the parking spots alone.No way around it.  Bring cash for a quicker entrance.

3. If you are going to Validate your ticket, Wait.  If you validate your ticket you can buy a bounce back ticket for $11.00 per person( good  anytime in the next 10 days)  If you wait a few hours  there are not so many people validating.You can’t buy a bounce back ticket for a friend (they take your picture) You must have each person present when validating.

4. The Park opens at 11:00  I suggest going  Monday -Thursday  you will hardly ever wait in lines and get more fun for your mun. “)

5.  You can bring your own food into the park!!  I would bring a cooler in a wagon  and take it deep into the park and find a shady grassy area  or a pavilion to keep it.  Everyone does it  and no one seems to bother them.  The food isn’t cheap  and having some healthy options for meals or snacks can give you the energy to keep doing the rides.

6. How to bring your stuff from ride to ride.  You can use the same wagon to go around the park with your bags (not allowed on the rides)  Maybe a smaller cooler with pop and water.  I had a back pack with water only in it and left it outside the exit gate of each ride. I would worry about money or anything more valuable but water and bags are safe if you didn’t want to do the wagon route.  If you have clothing with a zipper or button pocket you can put some cash a credit card and your phone in without worrying you’ll lose them on the roller coasters. People bring zip-lock bags for their phones and cameras because some rides leave you soaked.

7.  If you do buy a soda from a vendor get the large 3.79(ish)   If you keep the cup you can get a refill anytime  at  any vendor for only $1.00.  They will also refill your water bottles with ice cold water for free. (even without ordering anything)   The park sells Coca-Cola products  some stations have Mr. Pibb if you are a Dr.Pepper fan. They say the Barques root beer doesn’t have caffeine.                                                                                                                                             

8. Lagoon-a-Beach  sounds  awesome,   An Amusement park and water park in one stop……  My whole family went last year.  This year their vote: Not worth the time and effort!  There are a ton of people! Many local families buy Lagoon season passes and use Lagoon-a-Beach as their daily water park. So the amusement park rides are less busy then Lagoon-a- Beach.   If you want a tube they are 5 dollars each ( when you return it they give you back some  money in the form of  a soda voucher)  Most of the rides require the tubes and only their tubes.  There is not much shade to be found and the rides are kinda lame.   It takes a lot of time and effort to change into swimwear and to  bring towels    My suggestion:  spend all your time doing the rides in the amusement park. If you want to get wet do Rattle Snake Rapids.  Lagoon-a-Beach Rules  are Here

9.Parents  take Dramamine. You are not as fun as you think you are.  If you take it, even if you don’t typically get motion sickness, you will have a lot more fun.  Many of the rides main goal seem to be to disorient you.  Dramamine is usually good for 4-6 hours  pack enough.   We didn’t the year before and it was a drastically different experience this time.  

10.  You can do almost any ride without paying  except the sling shot  and the big swing  20 and 15 dollars consecutively. Rider’s professional opinion ( he is a pro at fun)  the Swing is way more of a rush than the sling shot.  As a parent watching your kiddo do the swing requires a strong stomach.  It seems really tough on the Lumbar section and  looks like they are going to crash right into the pavement.   See these two attractions  Here

11.  Don’t Walk under the Skyride.  It is not safe without an umbrella.   I am not teasing.  I will not name the family member of mine who was spit upon last year.  But he was not happy.  You can report the chair number to the staff  and they do a pretty good job on convincing you they will follow through on their $300.00 spitting  fine, park ejection policy   but from every blog I have read  it is a common occurrence   and they are all bark and no bite in following through. So  don’t walk underneath.


11.  It is nice to familiarize yourself with the Park while traveling to get there.  Here  is a map of the Park that you can print from home.  Also Lagoon has a fascinating history. Here is the link I found.  Built in 1886.  Roller coaster Fire.  Shores of  the Salt Lake?

12. It is nice to know the height restrictions at each ride.  Here is a ride guide.  Better to know before you second favorite child stands in line and gets excited only to be turned away.

Have a great time!

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